Merrick, LLC

Municipal - In Progress


Antioch Road & Realignment -

City of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish

Type of construction: grading, earth work, gravity sewer, drainage, sub-surface drainage, stone base course, Portland cement concrete pavement, asphaltic concrete pavement, traffic signals.

Bunkie Access Roads -

Access Roads to Bunkie Industrial Park – City of Bunkie Avoyelles Parish, LA

Duhon-Robley Lafayette - 

No information is available at this time.
Nelson & Ham Roundabout - Lake Charles - 

No information is available at this time.
Port of Alexandria - 

No information is available at this time.
Lemoine Drive - Marksville - 

Development of Lemoine Drive (South Segment of Earl J. Barbry Sr. Boulevard) Avoyelles Parish, LA

Project Scope: Construction and installation of a concrete surfaced roadway, arch-span bridge, and associated foundation.

Type of Construction: required clearing, earthwork, water, sewer, sewer pump station, subsurface drainage, stormwater controls, slope stabilization, precast spans, signage, lighting conduit, subbase, concrete paving, stripping, seeding, fertilization, etc.