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Merrick Construction, LLC's 63+ years of construction experience allows us to utilize our resources and qualified personnel to complete our owner's projects timely, safely, under-budget, and with extraordinary efforts dedicated to quality. Our program management structure is designed to execute work in a safe, efficient, and cost effective manner. Our project managers and estimators are well trained in the identification and assignment of the essential subcontractors, suppliers, and materials that will be dedicated to a quality project. A typical project will be staffed with a Project Manager, a Site Superintendent, a Site Safety Health Officer, and a Quality Control Manager to insure that our projects are constructed to the satisfaction of our owners.






Our project managers and project staff work closely with our clients to develop realistic schedules to help plan activities in the most efficient, logical sequence while maximizing efficiencies of working within customers’ cash flow and funding constraints. We focus on developing sound logic, reasonable durations, and sequencing, so when changes occur, we can perform accurate “what if” analyses and analyze re-sequencing of activities to recover from a variance situation. This approach also provides an accurate, timely response to a cash flow and funding requirement requests from the client.


Merrick Construction, LLC utilizes Primavera 6 scheduling software to proactively manage project schedules to avoid delays. Our managers are also well trained in the use of AutoCAD Civil 3D to effectively eliminate design errors prior to construction; thus eliminating wasteful delays and unnecessary costs.