Merrick, LLC

DOTD Completed


Downtown Crowley Redevelopment

Crowley, LA

This project consisted of the construction of 8" concrete paving for 0.435 miles from First Street to Court Circle along LA 13.  The project included Class II Base Course, Drainage Strutures, Superpave ACP, PCCP, Landscaping, Lighting, Traffic Signals, Water and Sewer Lines, and Related Work.  Special emphasis was given towards beautification, as was relevant with the installation of over 2,100 sy of decorative brick pavers.


Contract Number: S.P. 057-02-0028, 057-03-0048, & 744-01-0009

Historic Parkerson Avenue Redevelopment, First Street to Court Circle,

        Route LA 13, City of Crowley, Acadia Parish, LA

Date of Award: 25 Mar 2008

Original Completion Date:     30 Apr 2010

Actual Completion Date:        05 Jan 2010

Original Contract Amount:          $4,989,764.00

Completed Contract Amount:    $4,900,314.00

Contact:         Mr. William Oliver, Project Engineer

                        Louisiana DOTD

                        Crowley, LA

                        (337) 788-7501

Desiard Street

Monroe, LA

This project consisted of constructing a new concrete roadway as well as a new asphaltic concrete roadway base course while maintaining a high volume of traffic at all times.  Also included was a new storm drain system with catch basins.  Relocated water lines and a new sewer system were major items of work that were performed by JABAR Corporation.  An innovative concept called "pipe bursting" was utilized by JABAR to actually break the sewer lines and install a new liner that was the same size as the original line. This concept prevented us from  having to excavate the roadway in order to install new sewer lines.


Contract Number: S.P. 001-09-0076 & 002-01-0041

Desiard Street, Louisville Avenue, Gilbert Street, US 80, Ouachita Parish, LA

Date of Award: 07 Mar 2005

Original Completion Date:     31 May 2007

Actual Completion Date:        30 Mar 2007

Original Contract Amount:          $13,099,275.00

Completed Contract Amount:    $14,113,826.00

Contact:         Mr. Marshall Hill, District Area Engineer

                        LADOTD - District 5

                        (318) 342-0103

KCS Underpass

Pineville, LA

The project consisted of replacing the existing KCS Railroad Bridge over US 165 in downtown Pineville with a new bridge at the same location and at the same elevation as the existing bridge.  This formidable project was accomplished while maintaining railroad traffic the majority of the time.  The contractor was allowed to stop railroad traffic only on Mondays for a maximum of eight hours per shutdown and only for eight total Mondays.  Liquidated damages, although never applied, were $1,000 per 15 minutes over the eight hour time allotment.  Merrick Construction was able to complete the project in the time allotted by using pre-constructed temporary steel girder bridge sections in strategic locations in order to construct the concrete supports for the new bridge.


Contract Number: S.P. 015-01-0035

KCS Railroad Underpass Improvements (Pineville), Route US 165, Rapides Parish, LA

Date of Award: 16 Jan 2002

Original Completion Date:     31 Jan 2004

Actual Completion Date:        01 Dec 2003

Original Contract Amount:          $5,136,813.00

Completed Contract Amount:    $5,433,260.00

Contact:         Mr. Wayne Vollman, District Engineer, Supervisor 1

                        LADOTD - District 8

                        Alexandria, LA

                        (318) 487-5667

Pitkin Bridges

Pitkin, LA

 Embankment, storm drainage, asphaltic concrete roadway and bridges were the major items of work on this rural project north of Pitkin, LA.  Three bridges were planned but an innovative plan change initiated by our company allowed us to construct only two of the three bridges. This plan change resulted in a savings to the contractor as well as DOTD. We were also able to complete the project sooner which resulted in less impact on the traveling public.


Contract Number: S.P. 139-05-0010

Beauregard Parish line - Pitkin Bridges, Route LA 113, Vernon Parish, LA

Date of Award: 20 Jul 1998

Original Completion Date:     31 Jan 2001

Actual Completion Date:        20 Feb 2001

Original Contract Amount:          $3,339,155.00

Completed Contract Amount:    $3,3327,152.00

Contact:         Mr. Marr Ziecker, P.E.

                        LADOTD - District 8

                        Leesville, LA

                        (318) 238-6407